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入学を希望された段階で入学担当の者と簡単な面接をし、クラスを決めます。どのクラスも授業は全て日本語で行われますので、先生と日本語でコミュニケーションができるということが最低条件です。 毎年、2,3月に開設されるひよこ組の面接は11月の頭に行います。人気のクラスですので、ご予約をお早めにすることをお勧めします。





  • 学校を見学され、入学を希望し、面接に進む場合は、入学金の半額$25を面接時に支払うことになります。予定通り入学される場合は、この額が入学金半分の学費となりますが、面接後に入学予約をキャンセルをする場合は、入学予約キャンセル代(面接代)となります。
  • 学期途中の入学の場合はその学期の授業料を週ごとに案分した額に、教材費は入学クラスや時期により額が多少異なります。
  • 入学金、授業料、教材費は返金不可です。
  • 学校費用は期日までにお支払いをお願いします。
  • 3人以上のご兄弟が入学される場合は、授業料にのみ兄弟割引があります。入学時にお尋ねください。

Enrolment Procedure

We have the following enrolment procedure as below:
1) Enquire to the School on
Provide your information as follows:

- child’s and your name,

- address,

- contact details,

- child’s learning background,

- child’s Japanese proficiency at home,

- which class you hope your child will be enrolled,

- which grade/year your child is enrolled in.

2) Decide the school visit day and time.

3) Visit the school and have an admission interview.

4) Receive the result and decide/cancel the admission,

5) Payment of school fee

6) First day at school

For more details, please contact with the school via email:

Enrolment Eligibility

There is a brief interview for admission. After the interview, your child’s class/grade is decided. The classes we have currently are all conducted in Japanese, so students must understand Japanese and be able to communicate sufficiently with the teachers.
The admission interview for Hiyoko Class (preparatory class for Preschool Class in new school year, open in Feb. and Mar. every year) is early November. This is a very popular class with a limited number of enrolments. We recommend you contact the school to ensure a space for your child.

Admission Interview

The School organises and prepares the admission interview individually once the enrolment enquiry is received. We do our best to ensure that your school visit and interview will be held on the same day.
Admission interview is nothing difficult if your child speaks Japanese at home. No preparation is needed. Please make sure your child speaks and behaves naturally as they do at home. We’d like to see their Japanese proficiency and the level of maturity of your child. It is to see whether s/he is able to cope in class.

School Fees

We have 3 kinds of school fee as below:
1. Enrolment Fee: $50/enrolment
2. Tuition Fee per term: $150/term

3. Annual Teaching Material Fee: $30‐40/per year

・Half of the enrolment fee ($25) is collected as an enrolment booking fee when the
  admission interview has been completed. However, this money will be kept as a

  cancellation fee if you choose to end the application process.

・Once your enrolment is confirmed, the rest of the fee above needs to be settled

  (another half of enrolment fee ($25), tuition fee and annual teaching material fee).

・The tuition fee is collected each term. For the newly enrolled students, we calculate

  the fee according to the times of the attendance in its term. We have 8-10 week’s

  term along the NSW public schools’ calendar.

・The teaching materials fee is collected in Term 1, once a year. For the newly enrolled

  students, the term your child enrolled in and what materials s/he needs decides the

  amount of this fee.

・Each of the school fees must be paid by the predetermined date and is not refundable.

・The tuition fee has Sibling Discount if you have more than 3 children. Please talk to the school.